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We are more than just an accounting firm. We are a consultancy built for the modern world. Born in an era where speed, intelligence and data are driving everything. We exist to give our clients the edge they need to prosper and win. Think of us as a trusted partner, who will provide full-service accounting along with collaborative consulting. We will provide the actionable insights and data driven advice that you need to make the best possible business decisions.

Ann Dukette
COO of Ursus Holdings
“Working with Carter + Co. is painless. They always respond quickly, are pleasant to speak with and truly take initiative. They helped pave the way for my company to make smarter business decisions, providing guidance and support along the way.”


A nimble, entrepreneurial company launched in 2012 focusing on mortgage title curation with the objective to increase bond holder returns on their real estate loan portfolios.

Carter + Co. recently performed a complete renovation of the accounting functions for Ursus Holdings. Within the first month of service, Carter + Co. was able to provide a fully transparent and auditable support structure for a multitude of operational aspects including marketing, accounting, FP&A, cash management, and vendor solutions. This solved large operational inefficiencies leading to increased profitability, marketability, and freed resources they needed in order to stay ahead of their industry peers.

Ursus also has engaged Carter + Co. to perform an inception-to-date cleanup of the official books and records which was needed due to prior employee turnovers and a lack of effective checks and balances. Within six weeks of engagement, Carter + Co. had finished the historical cleanup and instituted best-in-breed internal controls leading to more transparent and accurate reporting and eliminating operational risk points. This allowed the management team to gain a better insight into their own business, paving the way for smarter decisions while removing time spent on turnover, inaccurate reporting, and other inefficiencies.

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