Tailored advice. Customized approaches. Focused insights.

Carter + Co. Accounting Consultancy

Tailored advice. Customized approaches. Focused insights.

Because we believe in taking deep-dives into our client’s businesses, we also believe there is no such thing as a one size fits all approach. Sure, there are some common themes, but there are never common solutions. Customization and collaboration are in our DNA.

Who we serve

We partner best with companies and individuals who want to set the bar high, people who are open to teamwork and collaboration, and who appreciate the value of transparency and trust.

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Our Services

Cleanup +
General Ledger
  • Reconciliation of balance sheet accounts
  • High-quality Assessments of Financial Statements
  • Functional testing procedures
  • Cash Management Review
  • Collections and Payables
Process Review
  • Process gap identification
  • Monthly close
  • Staffing review
  • Process evaluation and development
Audit Preparation and Facilitation
  • Oversee PBC request
  • Initial review of PBC items prepared internally
  • Resolve follow-up questions
  • Review and advise on proposed adjustments
  • Communicate with external auditor for timeline
Staff Training and Transitions
  • Identify and develop key procedures not in place
  • Train staff to close procedure gaps
  • Instrument cross-training plans
  • Develop future training procedures
  • Interim financial management
Financial Packages
  • Financial package preparation and analysis
  • Intern reporting preparation
  • Prepare and provide financial data to other departments
  • Prepare and provide financial data to outside parties
  • Budget and forecast preparation and consulting
  • Integration of target financial data into financial reporting framework
  • Advise on impact of recent changes to industry standards
Controls +
Risk Valuation
  • Internal controls risk assessment
  • Critical and non-critical system identification
  • Threat, risk, and vulnerability assessment
  • Assessment of detection and monitoring activities
Process Review
  • Review and assess current financial practices, policies and procedures
  • Operational gap identification and control
  • Walkthroughs and interviews with key process owners
  • Evaluation of internal controls
  • Develop policies and procedures for daily functions
  • Advise on remediation of process breakdowns and control gaps
  • Substantive testing procedures of company’s internal controls
  • Develop and implement an awareness plan for personnel to mitigate potential risk exposure
  • Control matrix and risk analysis development
  • Align controls and procedures with COSO/COBIT framework and best practices
Financial Information
  • Consultation with management for preparation of financial information and distribution of significant findings
  • Communicate findings with process owners, senior management, and external auditors
  • Review and document agreed-upon procedures with management
  • Assist in the preparation of Audit Committee presentations to communicate test results and remediation status
  • Review and develop process for tracking outstanding management action items
  • Reporting and validation of process and satisfactory resolution of findings
  • Review and advise on continuous monitoring efforts
  • Assessment of follow-up engagement testing and procedures
Consulting +
Cash-flow Consulting
  • Cash flow and liquidity analysis & management
  • Analysis of product and geographical profitability
  • Cost reduction review and recommendations
  • Process improvement
  • Personnel alignment and training
  • Working capital management
  • Review of current processes
  • Procedural recommendations and staffing alignment
  • Implementation and training to utilize full system functionality
  • Streamline reporting and drive towards faster month-end closes
  • Increase operational decision making with advanced reporting
  • Business Valuations
  • Compensation & Benefits Planning
  • Payroll Management
  • Equity Management Consulting
  • Strategy and Transformation
  • Outsourcing and expansion resourcing
  • Work closely with management to minimize costs and increase revenue
  • Forecast and monitor the entity’s liquidity
  • Facilitate monthly close procedures
  • Assess current staffing needs and allocate resources accordingly
  • Review reconciliations and implement best practices
  • Administrate and process payroll, insurance, retirement, and other benefits
Financial Packages
  • Preparation of board, bank, and investor financial information packages
  • Review and optimize management reporting tools and reports
  • Prepare budget to actual reports and assist in analysis of variances
  • Advise company through the monitoring of key business metrics
  • Work with departmental leaders to prepare business forecasts
  • Oversee external auditor, banker, and investor requests
Procedure Updates
  • Document and review all current practices
  • Prepare transition plans for all levels of staffing
  • Ensure that monthly processes are completed in a timely manner
  • Ensure all practices are in line with regulatory guidelines

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