Technology can transform your business. But only if it is matched by gifted and experienced professionals.

Carter + Co. Accounting Consultancy

We can upgrade your processes and your business with the technology that suits your business best.

Technology can give you an edge. But to truly transform your business, it must be paired with people who have a deep understanding of what you’re about and what you need to achieve. Our approach is transparent, focused on the essentials of your enterprise and customizable to fit your circumstances. Only then can your take advantage of the promise of technology

We love what technology can do for business. Call us data geeks if you like. Our role is to be the keepers and managers of the data and technology so you can focus on running your business. Deployed properly we can provide the insights you need to improve the bottom line and grow.

Josh Harrison,
Managing Partner of HMA
“Immediately after hiring the Carter + Co. team, my law firm was pleased with the amount of relief Carter + Co was able to provide. Taking away the stress of added paperwork, invoicing and accounts payable from my attorneys, allowing them to focus on their field of specialty.”

Harrison, McLaughlin & Associates, PLLC

A multi-state law firm that provides legal and business advisory services to the consumer financial and residential banking industries.
Anyone who has dealt with a law firm knows the amount of paperwork, check processing, and invoicing that goes with the industry. Carter + Co. is able to provide a full holistic infrastructure and operation solution including back office accounts payable and receivable, cash management, vendor relationships and financial reporting/planning so that HMA employees are able to focus on their client’s needs and cases. Key challenges for HMA that we handle for them include complex escrow accounting – managing escrow accounts over long time periods and over differing parameters of different jurisdictions – and attorney network accounting – specifically, managing AR and AP across a nationwide network of attorneys.
Meanwhile, HMA doesn’t bear the cost of hiring and hosting accounting employees in-house, nor do they endure the stress of handling critical accounting and financial planning functions. Instead, they’re able to fill their desks with revenue-generating staff and focus on what they do best.

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